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..Style Mountain Chalets!

Moderne Holzdielen

Die schönsten Haus-Interieurs...

Gloss-Parkett Manufaktur versucht alle Sinne der Hotelstil und Exklusive Geschäftslokals (ziel)gruppe in Skigebiet anzusprechen.

Living in Style Mountain Chalets!

Konzipierte für Zermatt Hotellerie 2020 Ski Chalet floor producer. Alpen floors.

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Hand-finished oak floorboards, saw markers, healthy knots, scratches make the floor charakter longevity. Chalets and Mountain inspiration for your next outdoor adventure - we've got you covered!


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Initiated people know that spring is the best time to bring their families to Snowy Mountain. With unlimited sunshine, great snow conditions and plenty of family friendly activities. In the evenings a glass of wine by the fireplace in the Chalet in the richest alpine resorts such as Verbier, Zermatt, Megéve. There you can put your foot on our floors! We produce floors for Chalets!